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Nathan Shorts is a full time game developer, artist, university instructor, and marketing dude living in Denver, CO. Shorts Co-owns and Co-runs the radical game development company, WALLRIDE. He loves long walks on the beach, candle-lit dinners, and ... oh wait.. I mean he loves MAKING GAMES!

Specialties include:


  • Crowdfunding campaign organization, management, and consultation

  • Planning and implementation of marketing campaigns for indie games through social media

  • General brand social media management

  • Event branding for indie game showcases

  • Cultivating partnerships with high profile youtube/twitch influencers for promotional purposes

  • Developing business partnerships to expand and enrich a game/studio brand through
    merchandise and cross-promotion

  • Exhibiting and promoting games through conventions and press

    Game Art 

  • Art team management, including: animators, concept artists, modelers,
    and outsource partners.

  • Crafting stylized art directions for new and existing IPs.

  • 2D/2.5D/3D concept art, asset production, animation, and pipeline structuring.

  • Maintaining artistic vision and quality across multiple departments using
    composites, paint-overs, and feedback.

  • Video/Trailer direction, script writing, and editing

  • Product design, including: vinyl toys, vinyl records, physical game cases,
    packaging design, etc.

    Game Dev 

  • Project direction, overseeing a cross-funtional team to ensure milestones are delivered on time and at a high standard while under strict deadlines

  • Developing project and resource plans, schedules, and managing development timelines

  • Game design, specifically: gameplay feel, balance, and user experience.

  • Development & design tools:

    Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Adobe Animate,
    Premiere Pro, Spine, Unity 3D, Blender 3D, Trello, Jira,
    Github, Sourcetree


Nathan also has a background in independent comic publishing and editorial illustration. He owns most Godzilla and Ultraman movies on VHS and has a framed picture of a cat in a fish bowl. 

If you'd like to know more about this tall guy, check out his CV below!




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